30 April 2020: Subscribers to The European Family Investment Company Report plus invited guests and experts, including heads of family business associations, from across eight countries, met online to share their experiences of managing FICs during the pandemic. The Conversation’s guest speaker is a family member of a multi-generational, listed family investment company, who, after introducing his business and its response to the pandemic to date, outlined two topics he wished to discuss with the group:

Opportunity and Co-investment: How can family companies best work together to make joint investments to seize post-crisis opportunities?

Consequences: How will the crisis affect the family part of family companies?

Attendees took part in four polls during the Conversation to give immediate feedback.

Our top line from the personally shared experiences of the FICs participating in this Conversation – the Takeaways – include: Families do invest with other families – it is possible, it can work but it requires thought; the need for a professional team – challenges in hiring, management and retention; opportunity – but how can it be grasped? Crisis is encouraging more communication – but has to be the right kind; Family first? The crisis as a family revealer.

Note: The full text of EFIC Conversation Takeaways are made freely available to family investment companies, all those who work for or with them, or anyone else who is interested – during the pandemic. We hope it is of use in these challenging times.

To request a copy please email: info (@) deanbridgeinternational.com