Our ninth update email tracks recent actions and news concerning European Family Investment Companies (EFICs). This Edition contains news items featuring 19 FICs from France, Belgium, Portugal, UK, The Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Poland, again focussing on how European FICs are responding during the pandemic.

News coverage includes investments, new as well as add-ons and follow-ons, directly by FICs as well as by venture arms and portfolio companies (in medtech and healthcare, funds and companies in India, mobility technology, solar, sustainable, agritech), strategies to build new market knowledge and networks, half year and Q2 trading statements, dividend decisions, senior appointments, gender re-balancing, family succession, and action to support the community. The News Briefing concludes with nine practical Takeaways, our interpretations of what the news means for family investment companies.

NOTE: EFIC News Briefing is currently made freely available to family businesses and others, at our discretion, during the pandemic. We hope it is of use in these challenging times. We will be happy to answer any questions or discuss anything further. And do send us your comments, ideas and suggestions and any news stories you see.

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