Our twelfth update email tracks recent actions and news concerning European Family Investment Companies (FICs). This Edition contains news items featuring 20 FICs from Germany, Bermuda, France, UK, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Denmark and Belgium again examining how European FICs are managing as the pandemic continues.

FICs now seem to have moved well beyond the crisis management stage of the pandemic, as they open new businesses (retail and services at a new airport), make investments (in agrotech and Disruptech), and win contacts (over half a billion Euros worth for one FIC). The flexibility of the FIC portfolio model for sustaining multi-generational entrepreneurship is once again shown as investee companies are taken private, make add-on acquisitions and raise capital independently of the main family holding. The resilience of the diversified FIC model is also highlighted once again and how it enables families to navigate crises like the pandemic – while some parts of the portfolio will suffer, others will thrive. There is coverage of new senior family and non-family appointments, as well as the continuing battle by one family to retain control of their FIC – a battle that has finally yielded some good news.

The News Briefing concludes with 10 practical Takeaways: our interpretations of what this news means for family investment companies.

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