It is a year since we published the first EFIC News Briefing. In our seventeenth update email we continue to track recent actions and news concerning European Family Investment Companies (FICs). This Edition contains news items featuring 20 FICs from Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Finland, UK, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Hong Kong, Singapore, France and Italy. Again examining how European FICs are managing during the pandemic crisis.

The 2020 results’ season is now in full flood, with Annual Reports from nine FICs, which again underline the resilience of the FIC model with its flexibility, high liquidity coupled with low leverage, strong tradition, values and governance, diversified portfolios and firm entrepreneurial intent. Elsewhere FICs continue to invest: supporting existing portfolio companies, acquiring new ones and listing others. A new fund is launched and a new, renewables-focussed investment vehicle begins trading on the stock market. Disruptech investment strategies show their worth during the pandemic, as clearly demonstrated by two FICs. FICs also continue to show their values and responsibility by supporting their employees and communities during the crisis, as well as by celebrating the anniversary of a long-term business partner.

The News Briefing concludes with 11 practical Takeaways, our interpretations of what the news means for family investment companies.

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