Deanbridge International is very pleased to announce publication of The European Family Investment Company Report: Second Edition Advance Release, which contains four new Conversations with named FIC leaders from Germany, Italy, Norway and Poland – all conducted during the height of the 2020-21 pandemic crisis.

The Second Edition Advance Release is again published in association with IESE Business School and authored with Professor Heinrich Liechtenstein – we thank them both for their continued support and friendship. We also thank the four FIC leaders we interviewed for their time, and deeply appreciate the help of their colleagues in the respective offices. Finally, our thanks, as always, are sent to our production A-Team, Editor Kelly McCarthy and Designer Kerry Wilson-Bankert.

The full Second Edition, containing new data as well as our analysis and ‘takeaways‘, sourced from now over 400 European FICs (and including these four Conversations) will be published in the New Year.

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