Our thirty-fifth update email tracks recent actions and news concerning European Family Investment Companies (FICs). This Edition features 20 FICs from the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, Bermuda, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Hong Kong, Portugal, Poland, Sweden and Italy.

In the final month of 2022, we see more quarterly and half-year results, some more positive than others.

Despite the continuing economic and political challenges, FICs keep on transacting. There are investments in e-mobility (two this month with one of them in India), Sustainable, healthtech, tech and a ‘new protein’ venture fund. Portfolio companies are again supported with acquisitions and additional capital. Money is raised in the bond markets. Balancing this, stakes are sold in two portfolio companies and the planned merger for another is abandoned following an unfavourable legal ruling.

The flexibility of the FIC Model is demonstrated by a family merging its two FICs to strengthen the family enterprise into the future.

This News Briefing concludes with 14 practical Takeaways: our interpretations of what the news means for family investment companies.

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