We will be holding our very first physical meeting for European Family Investment Companies/FICs in November 2023. It will be an intimate gathering, exclusively for family members who are current subscribers to our EFIC Report and who are therefore, by extension, members of our special FIC community. This unique event will be graciously hosted by a 5th/6th generation family enterprise, whose heritage business was founded in the mid-1800s, at their ancestral home in Europe. The hosts are much valued members of our Community of FIC subscribers and we are extremely grateful for their support.

As well as meeting other FIC owners in-person, within a safe and private environment, attendees will learn how other families approach governance issues and use the ‘home’ – the physical environment where the heart of the FIC beats – to foster unity, values and multi-generational entrepreneurship. This, our first physical gathering, held over a weekend, will be intimate, inspiring and totally unique.

Space at the meeting is limited and as many subscribers have already booked to attend we encourage prompt action to secure your place at what promises to be an illuminating, valuable – and rather fun – event.

Any FIC owner, whether a current subscriber or not, who wants to learn more should email us as soon as possible: info @ deanbridgeinternational.com.