Our forty-fifth email tracks recent actions and news concerning European FICs, featuring 20 FICs from the UK, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Iceland, France, Portugal, Singapore and The Netherlands.

The standout this edition are the stories about long-serving non-family FIC employees: two CEOs departing after 25- and 30-years’ service, two other executives celebrating 25 years and one retiring after amazing 48 years with the same family enterprise. All stories which emphasis the loyalty FICs inspire.

In transaction news, FICs invest in 3D metal printing, photovoltaics and a security screening business; a major listed FIC acquires a PE house and a private one makes a bid to delist an existing portfolio company. In the opposite direction, a stake in a property services business is sold back to its founding entrepreneur. A FIC joins with another shareholder to support an investee company with debt finance.

In business news, FICs plan a new solar farm, enter into an energy JV with a listed corporate, spin-out a business from a portfolio company and build a large production plant in the US.

We have one annual report and four announcing third quarter results, some better than others and several far from optimistic about prospects in the current turbulent economic and geopolitical environment.

More positively, a FIC inaugurates a new arts centre in a re-purposed industrial plant in its ancestral hometown.

With our new template, we close with a summary of the month’s news coverage.

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