Our forty-eighth edition email tracks recent news concerning European FICs, featuring 20 FICs from France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, UK, Poland, Norway, Estonia, Italy, Sweden and Luxembourg.

Look out for a flurry of 2023 results. As always, some good, some mixed and some less good. A recently listed FIC in one of Europe’s former communist countries reports for the first time as a public company.

Exits feature strongly in transaction news. Three significant FICs, two listed and one private, sell major investee companies in logistics, energy and aqua culture. Two of the acquirers are family groups. And three FIC portfolio companies sell businesses and assets in manufacturing, solar and software.

FICs though do continue to invest and acquire. There are new investments in healthcare and chemicals, both outside the FICs’ home market, the latter in Japan. Real estate, software and agriculture acquisitions are made, the latter the first foray into this sector by the newly listed FIC mentioned above.

In people news, two non-family members are appointed to senior positions, one an internal candidate and one external. We also record the passing of a well known FIC founder.

Finally, a private FIC celebrates its 175th birthday.

And we close, as is now our custom, with a summary of the month’s news coverage.

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