Our fifty-first edition email tracks recent news concerning European FICs, featuring 20 FICs from Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Bermuda, France, Finland, Estonia, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and the UK.

Transaction news this month is dominated by investments from FICs, portfolio companies and DIAs in recycling, events, catering, SEO, medtech, educationtech and foodtech. Only one piece of exit news – a FIC portfolio company signing an NDA with another FIC to sell a high-profile magazine title.

We report more Q1 results and one set of annual numbers.

In business news we cover a contract win at a new airport, FICs launching new ventures in renewables for SE Asia and financial services globally, a solar power JV and the opening of a new specialist recycling plant.

In people news, two FICs strengthen their boards, one with a member of another FIC family, one recruits external talent to the senior management team, while another loses a member of their Executive Board.

Finally, in what must be the most unusual story of the year to date, a FIC portfolio company announces a multi-million Euro investment to build and operate four ‘ventiports’ for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

And we close, as is our custom, with a summary of the month’s news coverage.

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