In this first edition of 2024, we wish all our readers a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy New Year.

Our forty-sixth special holiday double edition email tracks recent actions and news concerning European FICs, featuring 30 FICs from Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Denmark, Finland, Germany, France, Estonia, UK, Bermuda, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Italy.

Many FICs seem to use the turn of the year to make, announce or implement people changes and these stories feature strongly in this edition. Several non-family members are promoted to senior management, one to CEO and one is given an additional role looking after green energy. External talent is hired to fill EVP and NED roles. Meanwhile, a family member steps up to be Chairman while another retires from operational management. We also record the passing of a FIC founder.

However, FIC transactions have not slacked over the holidays. Investments, both new and follow-ons, are made in biotech, investment management, software, sustainable construction, insurtech, shipping, proptech, birthtech, foodtech and banking. FICs and their portfolio companies acquire businesses in timber, software, manufacturing, tech and solar energy. Two FICs launch new funds and another issues a sustainable bond to fund the renovation of its HQ. A Multi-Family FIC in a former communist country IPOs.

On the other side of the balance sheet, FICs sell companies in property services, minerals, healthcare and real estate.

In business news two FIC portfolio companies merge with competitors, while another raises capital from corporates and a FIC attracts government investment for a renewable project. And, at the end of a long-running saga, a listed FIC disappears from our dataset as it is finally takeover by another listed FIC.

Four FICs report annual, H1 and Q3 results, some better than others.

Finally, an important Nordic FIC announces fundamental changes to its governance and ownership model.

And we close, as is now our custom, with a summary of the month’s news coverage.

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